Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

What do you think of your interior space? Perhaps a better question is: Do you think of your interior space? For many of us, interior design is something that happens on HGTV — it’s just not a part of our everyday lives. But that’s a mistake, because interior design can have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. The spaces that we occupy can influence our moods and habits in all kinds of ways, and proper interior design is essential to a truly happy and healthy life at home.


Of course, superior interior design isn’t something that just anyone can come up with. Some experts train for years to acquire the skills that it takes to truly transform a room. That’s why great interior design is worth paying for. Here’s why you should hire an interior designer.


Interior design matters


Your mind is a complicated thing. We’re still learning about all of the different factors that go into our mental health, but here’s one thing that we already know for sure: Our environments affect our minds quite a bit. Interior design has a real effect on your subconscious mind.


Sound like mumbo-jumbo? If so, then why do CEOs and business leaders spend so much time trying to find the most productive office environments? It’s not just about making sure the walk to the conference room is as short as possible — commercial interior design is about the aesthetic decisions that make us more productive without us even knowing about it.


The same thing happens in your home. A poorly-organized kitchen can make you less productive, and an ugly living room can make your leisure time less enjoyable. A poorly-designed and decorated bedroom can affect your sleep, which is really bad news for your overall physical and mental health. The wrong home can really mess with you!


None of this is news to interior designers like the talented husband-and-wife team behind Kansas City’s Karin Ross Designs. Interior designers have been focused on improving spaces for even longer than we’ve understood why it was so important to do so. The fact that modern science backs up their work just makes sense.


Finding a great interior designer


Getting a room that truly enhances and supports your lifestyle isn’t easy. To get one, you’ll want to work with a talented and qualified interior designer.


Sure, you could try your hand at arranging your own furniture or changing your own wall hangings or paint colors. But trial and error can be a costly and lengthy way to go about this stuff, and you’ll end up spending lots of your time trying to learn stuff that you just never studied or trained in before. It’s more efficient to turn to an expert for interior design, explain the pros at Karin Ross Designs. Just as you would rely on a plumber for your home’s plumbing system or an electrician for your home’s electrical system, you should rely on an interior designer to manage your home’s design.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have an important role to play. There are a lot of misconceptions about how interior designers work. When you choose an elite team like the one at Karin Ross Designs, you’ll be getting interior designers who work with you.


While there are some pretty universal principles in interior design, they’re not very specific, and they can look very different in practice. One size does not fit all here, and your interior designer is not going to force you to throw out your favorite comfortable chair. They probably won’t even recommend that you do so (unless it’s really awful — no promises). The goal is to create a space that serves your needs — a space that you’ll find comfortable, beautiful, and functional. If you don’t like minimalism, you won’t get a minimalist space. If you want a comfy chair, you’ll get a comfy chair. The idea is that your designer will give you that comfy chair and cozy space in a room that feels more navigable, useable, and beautiful than you could possibly have imagined for yourself.


That’s why you need an interior designer — to take your dream room, including the plans you have and the stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, and make it into a reality.


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