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What Do I Need to Know About Installing a Glass Shower Screen?

If you’re thinking of installing a glass shower door, with or without the assistance of an expert, there are a few things you should consider first.

Things to Think About Before Installing Your Glass Door

When you are installing toughened glass shower or bath features – whether it’s panels, a door, or both – you can rely on the expertise of UK toughened glass experts Express Toughening. Express Toughening have been making and installing industry-leading glass bathroom fittings and fixtures for decades, and they have more than enough experience to guide you through your own installation, or quickly and easily perform it themselves.

We asked them what they thought the best course of action for installing a door was, and they informed us:

For bathroom use, it is recommended that you use 8mm or 10mm thick toughened glass, as this offers the best compromise between strength and weight. This glass will be made specially for this purpose, and will be attached via channel, a hinge or a bracket, which can be supplied made specifically for this purpose by Express Toughening.

Where you need to affix your glass panels and glass shower screens to the wall, the wall should be solid – if it is a stud wall, you will need more studs to take the weight of the glass and fittings.

Glass Shower Screen

Our toughened glass shower doors are usually fitted with two hinges, but if the door is over 2 metres tall, Express Toughening recommends the use of 3 hinges instead. Fittings in the bathroom should be protected from the edges of the glass with the use of isolators, as this makes it less likely that the glass (or the fittings) will be damaged. This is especially true if the glass is likely to come into contact with particularly hard, unforgiving materials, like concrete, which could cause the toughened glass to shatter if it gets any kind of impact. The isolators prevent this from happening.

Measuring Your Bathroom

When measuring your bathroom for a toughened glass shower screen or toughened glass bath panels, make sure only to measure from completely finished surfaces – your tiling and shower tray or wet room floor must be fully installed and your measurements taken as accurately as possible, as toughened glass cannot be altered or resized: once it is toughened, any attempt to cut or alter the material will shatter it completely.

Installing Your Toughened Glass Shower Door

If you are in any doubt, ask an expert to help you fit your toughened glass shower door. The team at Express Toughening have fitted thousands of door panels, and can help you with even the most complex installation. However, if you have decided to fit your toughened glass shower screen yourself, you should begin with attaching the hinges to the glass, tightening gently so that they remain as central as possible, allowing for more adjustment later in the process.

The door will be installed into a tray, allowing it to hinge and open without putting stress on the glass, and now is the time to put the 6mm packers in the top of the tray which will hold the door. Using a spirit level, make sure your glass door is at the right angle and in the right position, mark where you will drill into the wall, then carefully remove it, bearing in mind that these reinforced glass shower doors are very heavy and may require assistance to move.

With the door carefully stored, drill the holes which will support it. Again bearing in mind that toughened glass doors are very heavy, make sure that the wall can support the weight of the door. It is the responsibility of the person fitting the door to make sure the wall can support it before hanging the door up.

Once you’ve finished drilling, insert plastic plugs into the holes,place the door back in the frame on its original packers, ensuring it’s lined up right, fasten the screws into the wall and tighten the hinge clamps up.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to open the door and remove the temporary packers, and you’re finished!

Contact Express Toughening for Help with Toughened Glass Shower Screens Today!

If you want more information on fitting toughened glass shower screens, you can get in touch with Express Toughening by calling them on 020 8500 1188 or visiting their website, which is linked in this blog post. They look forward to helping you!

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