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Understanding Why Fiber Optic Is a Better Choice than DSL

Digital subscriber lines, or DSL, were once the cutting edge when it came to Internet access technology. This has changed dramatically in recent years. Fiber optic now provides a better experience online. Here are some reasons why fiber optic is a better choice than DSL for Internet access.

Faster Speeds

The United States has the 12th fastest Internet in the world. If you want to get the fastest download speeds possible, then you need fiber optic access. DSL simply cannot compete with fiber optic technology. Signals cannot travel as fast across traditional phone lines. You can potentially see transfer speeds in excess of 100 megabits per second, or Mbps with fiber optic service.

Fiber Optic

Higher Reliability and Consistency

Fiber optic technology is far more reliable than the phone lines used with DSL. This is partly because fiber optic cables are not affected by the same electrical interference that can disrupt a DSL line. This means that a fiber optic connection is going to provide much more consistent download speeds. It will also have a lower latency because the technology and light can transmit data more directly.

Distance Does Not Matter

A problem with DSL is that distance to the source of the signal matters. Living far away from a switching station will mean the signal degrades and gets slower. Distance is not an issue with fiber optic technology. The light does not degrade as quickly in the fiber optic cables. Additionally, the signals are amplified accurately along the way. You can check here whether you are in an area serviced by the latest fiber optic cables and technologies.

Dedicated Lines

Half of people in rural areas in this country do not have true broadband access. The speeds are often under 25 Mbps or could be below 1 Mbps. A reason for this is that DSL lines are shared. If many people are using DSL in an area, then the speeds will drop noticeably. This often happens during peak usage hours. Fiber optic service provides a dedicated line to each home that is not shared. This allows for faster speeds at all times.

Can Deliver Multiple Services

DSL lines are limited in bandwidth. Fiber optic lines actually contain multiple channels inside. This means multiple services can be delivered across a single fiber optic line. You can potentially get phone and television service through a fiber optic cable without affecting Internet speeds at all. This makes getting bundled services to your home much simpler.

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