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Understanding Repair Service Contractors and Doing Your Due Diligence

Whether it’s hiring a repair service contractor to fix your bathroom, repair your air conditioning, facilitate water damage repairs or any other repair for that matter, it is imperative that you do your due diligence.

Yes, we understand that when a pipe is broken and the home is being flooded with water, the first thing you want to do is get the first repair specialist you find to immediately fix the problem.

However, it’s not just enough to get anyone. You need a capable expert that will fix the damage on time, on your budget and permanently. This is why, even in your haste, you need to evaluate potential contractors.

Due Diligence

Established and Reputable is Priority

Listen, this is the first thing you want to determine. There are many handymen who do everything. From broken bathroom fixtures to leaky basements, they’ll fix just about anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing -in fact, some of them are pretty decent at their jobs.

But, some of them don’t have any established business or good reputation. This means that they can just patch up the problem so there’s a temporary fix. By the time you realize what they did, they’d be long gone and you have to pay double to fix the problem.

Don’t fall into this trap. Do it right the first time by hiring the right individuals. Most reputable contractors are often members of professional bodies, which they often display boldly on their websites or directory listings.

This way, if their work is substandard, you can always file a report with the necessary professional body, which will in turn sanction them or get them to re-do the work at no extra cost to you.

Even better is the fact that people have lots of good things to say about such contractors. Their reputation is often above board and excellent.

Get Quotes from Multiple Repair Service Contractors

Don’t be in such a hurry to fix the damage that you forget to get quotes from multiple sources. Most of the time, you will find that there won’t be a significant difference in the prices you get from professionals.

What you should be wary of though, is drastically different pricing. For instance, if you have four prospective contractors in mind, and three of them quote between $700 and $900 for your HVAC repair while the fourth one quotes $300, you should seriously reconsider hiring the fourth contractor, even if they have a very appealing price.

This is because contractors who undercharge either aim to earn a lot more money in the process translating into even higher costs, or they will do a very shoddy job.

Take Advantage of Recommendations

In fact, this should be your first line of action. Pick up the phone and call neighbors, friends, colleagues and family member for their repair service contractors’ details. Most of the time, these people will recommend only the best ones to you.

Also, take advantage of the reviews you see online. There’s no doubt that some contractors are in the business of influencing their reviews by hiring or giving people incentives to write reviews.

The good news is that contractors who do this often have a bad rep, and all the “positive” reviews in the world will not drown out the negatives. So, look for contractors with more favorable and real reviews than those with bad reviews. If you need some help with that, start with Yelp and Google reviews. Those are often enough to give you a good start on finding the right people for the job.

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