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Tips On Selecting A Carport System

Selecting a carport system with the right strength, frame gauge, roofing system and size will make it more durable.

Below are some tips to consider when buying a carport system

Selecting the roof system

This is the next step when choosing a carport. You can go either for the Vertical Roof System, The Boxed Eave Roof System, and the Regular Roof System.

The vertical type is one of the best, and has roof panels oriented with corrugated ridges running vertically or up and down like is the case with a metal home roof. It will last longer and stay cleaner compared to panels that are oriented horizontally. In addition to this, pollen and leaves, and other debris will wash off easily from this kind of roof when it rains hard.

The boxed eave roof carries A-frame appearance of the vertical roof but with panels pointed horizontally in this case. The disadvantage is that horizontal panels will tend to trap leaves and debris on the roof and thus it might not stay as clean as the vertical types of roofs. However, it lacks the ridge cap trip present on the vertical roof.

The regular roof does not have A-frame appearance and panels are oriented horizontally on the roof. Compared to the two above from Carport Kingdom, the system has a bend transition to the legs.

Carport System

Selecting the frame gauge

These come in variety of gauges, for instance 14 and 12-gauge systems. The latter is best for stronger frames with extended warranty.

Determining the Size of the Unit

For most single cars, the 12′ wide is a good option. The 18′ wide – (2) is good for compact cars; 20′ wide- (2) for mid-size cars; 22′ wide – (2) for full-size cars; 24′ wide – (2) for large vehicles and 30′ wide – (3) for vehicles.

In regard to the lengths, the standard ones measure 21′ 26′, 31′, 36′ and you can get longer ones in 5′ increments. Ideally, it is advisable to consider the length of your unit and add 5′ to determine the minimum length you need. While the 21′ and 26’sizes are best when storing two cars, you might need longer units for storing RVs, boats, campers, etc.

Make sure that the height — as measured on the side wall and not at the center or apex — is tall enough to accommodate the vehicle.

Other considerations

Other considerations when selecting an a-frame carport from Carport Kingdom include the color you need and how you want to cover or leave open the side walls, end walls, or add the j-trim on the side walls and gables on the end walls.

You can, for instance, close the side walls completely to offer more protection against the rain or place just one or more panel on the side wall. You can also leave open the end walls or install gable ends or extended gables. The other option is to close the end wall to the ground. The gables will hide the roofing framework and thus improve appearance.

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