Top Tips For Painting Your House

It does not matter what the size or style of your home is, when planning to paint a house’s exterior there are certain factors that need to be taken into account.  Ranging from the type of paint being chosen to eco-friendly issues, it is important to contemplate these points.  This article will provide top tips for painting your house.

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Top Tips For Painting Your House

  1. Consider The Environment

When considering painting the exterior of your home, it is important to determine the time of year.  Many people ignore this factor and find themselves painting during rainy weather.  To ensure that the paint dries well, it is recommended that you choose a season with low humidity and warm temperatures.  It’s needless to say that paint will not adhere to surfaces that are wet; so, winter is probably the least effective time for home renovation.

  1. Paying More For Quality

Some individuals may be tempted to choose more cost-effective paint, but this could be a mistake.  While it seems to be a less costly initial option, the cheaper paint is often a bad long-term investment and is more than likely poor quality.  By paying more for a can of paint the first time around, you are likely to receive better coverage and will not have to re-paint the house several times in the next few years.

  1. Sanding And Washing The Boards

Paint will not adhere to rough or dirty surfaces; therefore, it is essential that you clean any panels thoroughly before beginning the project.  You need to clear the panels, allow them to dry, and then sand or scrape as is necessary.  This will create a smooth and solid surface to which the paint can adhere.

  1. Remove Rotten Panels

It is pointless to paint rotten panels and side material as these items will continue to deteriorate regardless of the paint placed on them.  If you find yourself in this situation, you have several options available.  Firstly, you could replace the panels with new components to make it smooth for painting.  If, however, the decaying panel is a small area, you could use matches and wood hardener to act as a wood filler product.  Be sure to sand the items before painting so that the paint will adhere to the repaired panels.

  1. Using Primer

The rule of thumb for painting a house is to apply a coat of primer, sand the exterior, and then apply the paint.  This is a good rule, but advanced paint technologies have combined paint and primer in a single product allowing a reduction in the number of coats painters need to apply.  The newer product is more costly, but it can be more effective when compared to the separate purchase of paint and primer.

  1. Mixing Cans Of Paint

Combining cans of a similar paint color into one larger container can help ensure that the uniform color is applied to the building’s exterior.  This is known as boxing the paint and is a method used by professional house painters.  It is an important technique if you have purchased less paint that required and pick up extra paint later on.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are several factors to take into account when painting the exterior of your home.  The information above can help you paint your home effectively.

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