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The Best Carpet Underlay For Your Bedroom: 7 Things You Need To Know!

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, it can be a room of romance and passion, a place to get ready for any occasion, or the make-believe adventure of child’s imagination, and always at its core, it is a room to relax and forget about the worries of the day. And one of the easiest ways you can ensure that your bedroom is one or all of those things, is to make your flooring as comfortable as possible, and at the Carpet Underlay Shop, we provide the perfect solution to doing that by using our wide range of underlays.

But just where do you start when picking the perfect underlay for your bedroom? Well consider these seven things and you can’t go wrong.

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Best Carpet Underlay For Your Bedroom

Why do you need underlay?

Underlay has a number of benefits and the type of underlay you choose for your bedroom will depend on which benefits your looking to add:

Noise Reduction – If you live in a busy household or a flat with neighbours below, underlay can be used to help soundproof your bedroom, great for when the kids are noisily playing with their action figures and you’re trying to watch the TV downstairs.

A softer feel –If you’re looking to add comfort to your bedroom then the installation of underlay is perfect, allowing you to add luxury and extra cushioning to your carpet.

Reduce your energy bill – Underlay can also provide an insulative layer, helping to keep the heat in your bedroom and so reducing the amount of time you need to have the heating on.

Other benefits – Carpet underlay also acts to help extend the life of your carpet, acting as a shock absorber, preventing the pile from flattening with use and keeping it looking new for longer. And with the protection of the pile, the underlay also helps make your carpet easier to clean, with dust and dirt easily extracted.

What type of underlay do you need?

Depending on what benefits you want to get out of your bedroom underlay, will depend on which type of underlay you use:

Rubber – Rubber underlays are hard wearing and great for prolonging the life of your carpet. They also have a much higher aesthetic appeal than other forms of underlay but tend to be rather heavy. Rubber underlays usually come in two forms Sponge Rubber and Crumb Rubber

  • Sponge Rubber can be firm and is designed to prolong the life of your bedroom carpet by resisting damage.
  • Crumb Rubber is perfect for protecting your bedroom carpet from heavy furniture, such as your bed or wardrobes, as it has high elasticity, being able to return to its original shape even after prolonged periods of compressions.

PU Foam

PU Foam underlays are considered to be the softest form of underlay and aren’t recommended for rooms that see large amounts of foot traffic. This form of underlay provides not only comfort but great thermal insulation, making it ideal for use in the bedroom.


Felt is a lesser used underlay these days, due to the use of rubber and PU foam, and is more commonly used for the commercial sector, but it does offer good thermal insulation and noise reduction at a more affordable price.

So, there you have it seven things you need to know when looking to choose the best carpet underlay for your bedroom. Make sure to consider the reason you want to install your underlay and once you’ve agreed on that, then you need to consider which underlay material will provide that.

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