Remodeling Flooring to Become Disability Friendly

Flooring is one of the most important aspects to be considered when accommodating a disabled person. How people get in, out and around your home should be on the forefront when doing this kind of remodeling. This all comes down to landscape and flooring. Disability remodeling for people with mobility issues doesn’t only mean installing ramps or elevators. Yes this is a part of it, especially depending on the amount of vertical rise to your entrances; with ramps being the more popular of the two because of their reliability and less expense needed. But you also have to consider what type of floors you have and how they enhance or limit movement.

Remember that entry ways include the paths to your yard that lead up to the house. You can level the ground and install wheelchair, canes and crutches friendly paths for easier accessibility.

Remodeling Flooring

Types of flooring

There are several viable options for flooring that are available in the market.  The flooring needs to be durable, smooth enough for wheelchair movements, firm and none glare; preferably matte. We’re going to look at some of the best flooring for this particular remodeling.

Vinyl flooring

This is a common ADA flooring choice that is least expensive and most durable. They provide a traction for wheelchairs, knee walkers and canes without being too tacky. Its smooth enough for easy movement of wheelchairs. It has a non slip surface that is water resistant therefore can be used both in the general parts of the house and the bathrooms.

Cork flooring

This offers a natural under foot padding thats comfortable and warm. It is easy to install and clean making it very manageable. It has a waterproof feature and dries quickly ensuring you can use it in the bathrooms. Its perfect for humid areas as its mold resistant giving you no problems with mold on the floor. However its a bit pricey compared to vinyl and its cushion effect may hinder wheelchair movements.

Mosaic tiles

One of their biggest advantages over all the other flooring is that with tiles, you can an unlimited variety of styles to choose from. They are non slip, if you pick the matte finish, and very durable. They can also be used on the floors as well as the walls. They are undoubtedly stylish and look great. They are moderately easy to install, on the high side when it comes to price and moderately wheelchair friendly. The grout crevices might jolt a wheelchair when moving around.

Whatever flooring you choose depends on your budget, preferences and disability needs. Its necessary to find a material that’s not likely to cause slips, trips or falls. Most of the ones mentioned have a moderate to easy installation, but you might want to hire a contractor just in case you want to be sure the job is done well.

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