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Home lighting can be as elaborate as a crystal chandelier or as simple as a traditional light bulb, but either way, everything boils down to their essential functions. Home lighting, together with other design elements, is what creates the ambiance of any room. It ensures enough illumination to keep any area in your New York home as functional and safe as possible. And along with technological developments, innovations in terms of design and features are made possible to heighten every homeowner’s everyday experience.

When creatively thought of and implemented, new lighting fixtures is all it takes to recreate a whole new look and feel within and outside your New York home. To start planning a project, it pays to know the basics of home lighting. By exploring the different types and knowing what they have to offer, you’ll be able to make the best choices and come up with the coolest of ideas.

Real Estate

Function-wise, home lighting can generally be categorized into four groups. Ambient lighting is said to be the foundation that contractors and designers use to come up with the best light arrangement to illuminate a space. Decorative lighting is those that draw attention not on anything particular in the room but to themselves and thus adding a dramatic effect. Accent lighting creates a layer of light that visually separates and helps highlight features of any object within the room. Task lighting makes up another layer in the room where specific areas are given enough amount of brilliance to help achieve certain tasks.

For the different areas of your New York home, you have a good set of home lighting options to choose from. Whether your goal aims at beautification, safety, efficiency or whatever medley of effects; you are sure to find the right fixture for your need. To help you get acquainted with the wide-ranging alternatives, here are several of the most popularly used home lighting fixtures:

  • Overhead pendants are among the most popular lighting fixtures used for residential purposes. As they are hung from the ceiling, they create a stream of light focusing downwards making them ideal to place above dining tables or working areas.
  • Sconces are home lighting fixtures that can either be installed on ceilings or walls. They come in a very wide range of shades, shapes, and sizes including round, oval, or rectangular.

o Oyster lights or ceiling sconces are great in providing overall illumination to any room thus work great as a source of ambient light.

o Wall sconces, on the other hand, look particularly pretty when formed into a series lining corridors or hallways. Other than providing radiance, each creates a point of interest wherever they are placed. They also work great around mirrors to make grooming more efficient, by not causing unflattering shadows.

  • Spotlights, like sconces, can be wall or ceiling-mounted and comes in rotating heads offering the flexibility in creating certain dramatic effects.
  • Recessed home lighting fixtures are able to provide a generous amount of brilliance making them work well in areas such as the kitchen countertop. The clean and modern way that they are installed makes them popular additions to new construction homes and can fairly be inexpensive substitutes to other ceiling fixtures.

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