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Pastel Provence Flowers Or Shiny Glamour Kitchen Style – Which One You Prefer?

Every contemporary style of kitchen arrangement assumes attractive visual qualities and well-thought-out practical solutions. Which one, however, best reflects your character and meets expectations of the ideal kitchen? Classic provencal or maybe modern glamour? Which kitchen furniture and splashbacks maker in Ireland works best and provides outstanding solutions?

The universal character of a place dressed in a bright glow of countertops in the company of original accents will be a recipe for magical four corners. The heart of the house, bathed in subtle colors, combined with the functionality and spaciousness of modern solutions will gain even more integrating climate.

Shiny Glamour Kitchen Style

Pastels and flowers, or fall in love with Provence

Kitchen delicacies are not only worth seasoning with Provencal herbs, but to prepare surrounded by decorative elements reminiscent of a traditional village in the south of France. Provencal style, whose determinants include white walls and bright, glass cabinets refer to old furniture remembered from the homes of our grandparents. Chairs with a characteristic detail of crossed slats based on them will allow for effective relaxation with a book and a cup of aromatic tea brewed in a stylish kettle.

The obligatory element of the Provence style kitchen decoration is also fresh flowers, preferably lavender. If this is not the time, put on other flowers in a similar color, for example, without or lavender decorations, for example in the form of cups. Let in the bespoke, fitted kitchen a lot of sunlight, which radiant with its warm glow, natural materials from which furniture and accessories are made, as comfortable, soft pillows. An arranged, cozy kitchen will resemble the freshness of the Cote d’Azur, but also the warmth of the grandma’s pantry. Provence style works well not only in France but also in Ireland – for example a lot of house or flat owners in Dublin, Galway, Sligo or Clare see this style as very well designed in their kitchens furniture or splashbacks.

What is worth considering is that even in traditional kitchen style, easy to clean nad great looking glass splashbacks will always find their a place. The glass can be UV printed in traditional pattern or event photorealistic picture of stone tiles or wood – the splashback like this works perfect in almost every kitchen – for people living in different countys in Ireland – in Dublin, Roscommon or Mayo as well as the others.

Shine in the kitchen, or glamor style

A style that likes luxury and tinsel needs solid lighting so that it can fully glow with its luster. Be sure to put on a decorative lamp, which will be not only a source of light, but also an elegant decoration. Choose a modern hanging lamp or a more classic crystal chandelier that will bring the right dose of style to the kitchen. On the table, slender, cone-shaped candles placed in glass candlesticks will look great, which can burn not only during a romantic dinner. Their subtle light, reflected in transparent vases and smooth, shiny fronts of cabinets and glass kitchen splashbacks in Clare & Galway, Ireland, will emphasize the luxurious character of your kitchen.

What else will give her glamor elegance? Certainly subdued colors in shades of gray, broken by classical black. This sophisticated style likes modernity, therefore put on the latest generation household appliances. Refined dishes prepared in an oven designed using advanced technologies will taste great. If you choose an open kitchen combined with the living room, you can give them a rest resting on a tasteful, creamy sofa.

White and lavender from Provence are tempting supporters of traditional solutions. The glamor style dazzles with its splendor of all the glamor and luxury susceptible to charm. Carefully listening to the voice suggesting which variant best appeals to you, you will create a modern kitchen of your dreams with satisfaction.

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