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Overview of the Best Mattresses You Can Get in St George, UT

A mattress is one area you shouldn’t skimp on simply based on the large chunk of time you spend in bed. You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to get a high-quality mattress although you do need to set an appropriate budget. The main area you should be looking at is value for money. If you have no clue where to start, there are a few brands that make the cut and are available in St George, UT. Note that these are not listed in any order.


Best Mattresses

The parent company that makes (known as Simmons) BeautyRest mattresses has been in operation for more than 140 years and such longevity is uncommon if a company doesn’t offer high quality and high value products.  The company is consistently listed at the top five in sales and revenue in the bed and mattress industry. Prices range from mid to premium cost although there are entry level options for the budget conscious. Some of the advantages include;

  • Better warranty than most competitors
  • Great motion isolation
  • Great comfort
  • Better consumer satisfaction than most competitors

FIVE STAR Mattress

Five Star has 23 factories spread out all across the United States so this is by no chance a small player. The major selling point for this brand is it has a frugal marketing budget. These savings are then passed on to the consumer. The company is notable for providing high-quality products at an average price. Some of the advantages of Five Star Mattresses include;

  • Wide selection of mattresses ranging from entry-level to premium
  • White glove guarantee
  • Above-average value for money
  • Best price guarantee

SERTA Mattress

Serta is yet another mattress company that has enjoyed incredible longevity in the business and has been around since 1933. The company pride itself in high-tech mattress development technology and has partnered with a number or notable institutions including the National Sleep Foundation. The company’s main selling point is the comparatively low cost of good quality mattress. Serta is probably the best option for a budget conscious consumer. Advantages of this brand of mattresses include;

  • Great sleep technology and products for the price
  • Widely available all over in St George, UT and all over the country
  • A wide range of comfort and firmness options
  • Great product range and models
  • Minimal initial odor (new mattress smell)


Finally, Tempurpedic is probably one of the most recognizable brands of mattresses available on the market. The company is also notable as being among the first industry players to shift to memory foam technology. Tempurpedic made its debut in the United States mattress industry in 1990 and appears to be unstoppable ever since. The company is also credited with being in the font line of mattress technology development. Advantages include;

  • Great customer satisfaction
  • No premature sagging
  • Great temperature sensitivity
  • Good motion isolation
  • Negligible initial odor (new mattress smell)

These are just some of the options you should be looking at when searching for a new mattress in St George, UT. A sales representative can help you pick out the best option for your sleep requirements so choose the right mattress store.

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