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Must-Have Items In Your Bedroom For A Cozy, Bohemian Look

The bohemian look, sometimes called boho or gypsy, is a seriously fun style to play around with. One of the fun things is that it allows a lot of room for individual style, eclectic belongings, whimsy, and free spirit.

There aren’t too many ways you can go wrong with the bohemian look as the nature of the style is sort of an ‘anything goes’ aesthetic. That being said, there are some characteristic elements of boho and you can overdo it by being too loose or overzealous with design elements.

Boho typically includes a flair for global pieces and trends. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see Moroccan inspired artwork or wall hangings mixed with Indian ornaments next to Mexican textiles. You can play it up with an explosion of color or have it more muted with thoroughly neutral tones. It’s up to you.

Regardless of where you take it, here are some must-have items for a cozy, bohemian bedroom.

Bedroom For A Cozy

Throw pillows

Perhaps no bohemian look is complete without an assortment of throw pillows atop an extremely comfy looking bed. Mix up your look with woven pillows, pillows of different patterns and textures, colors, etc. Variety is a key element to boho, so mix it up.

Proper bedding

Speaking of your bed, making it a comfy oasis is a key element to any bedroom design. Sure, this applies to all design aesthetics, but many people with the bohemian mindset mind are looking for a more eco-friendly way to achieve maximum comfort. Try bamboo sheets. They are extremely soft sheets in addition to being made from an eco-friendly source and have multiple benefits for a good night’s sleep.

Macrame tapestry

Tapestries of all kinds are a staple in the bohemian look. In particular macrame, the use of yarn or textile to create an artful series of knots has a charming rustic look. It can be used as mere wall decoration or even for utility, such as the macrame used to hang potted plants.

Twinkle lights

A personal favorite is the addition of twinkle lights. Strung across the ceiling or the headboard of your bed or embedded in a potted plant, they add a nice and light aura to a room. Instantly a room has ambiance and coziness by the warm glow of some fairy lights. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Vintage photos

Bohemian interlaces quite nicely with many vintage looks. Consider adding some vintage photos if you have any (or print your photos with a sepia color) or vintage frames to your room. In addition to a warm reminder of loved ones and fun moments, they are unique and details will be captured

“Upcycled” wood

Meaning reclaimed wood, often polished up to give it new shine and purpose, trying adding some “upcycled wood” to your look. Creatively using reclaimed wood to make a mirror, wall hanging, jewelry fixture or a million other creations can add an eco-friendly flourish to the room and a lot of character.

Plants, plants, plants

Flowers, ferns, succulents — you name it. The presence of plants literally breathes life into a room and are a great style element for your bohemian design. While you can buy live ones, for those with more of a black thumb than a green one, there are plenty of faux plants that can be used to decorate your room.

A full bookshelf

Stop by a local garage sale when you’re out and about and pick up a few books you are interested in reading or books that have a great cover. Then fill up your bookshelf with it. There’s something undeniable about the appeal of a whimsical bookshelf in a room. Now all you have to do is make time to read them!

These tips should help you get started on designing your bohemian bedroom. But the sky is the limit. Take time to add in your own personal flair and you can’t go wrong.

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