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Is it Possible to Grow Tomatoes Indoors with LED Grow Lights?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Not only is it possible to grow tomatoes indoors using LED grow lights, but many also argue that it is the only way. A tomato is a warm season crop and so growing it indoors requires a delicate balance of artificial light and heat. LED grow lights are able to maintain that balance better than any other grow light available in the market such as HPS, HID and fluorescent lights.

Here is how the technology of LED grow lights can help you grow the best yield of tomatoes indoors:

LED Grow Lights

Light Spectrum

All plants require particular wavelengths of light at particular phases of their growth. For tomatoes, there are mainly three growth periods: germination, vegetative growth, and fertilization. Full spectrum LED grow lights provide the plant with the appropriate wavelength of light throughout its life cycle to ensure they produce the best possible yield.

In case of tomatoes, they require blue light during the vegetative growth stage and red light during the flowering or fertilization stage. LED grow lights technology ensures that the correct red and blue wavelength of light emits at the appropriate time.

Moreover, indoor LED grow lights are power efficient. This means you can leave them on for longer hours without incurring a high-energy cost (something thatgrowers cannot say for HPS, HID or fluorescent lights). This power efficiency advantage is essential in growing tomatoes indoors since the crop requires12 hours of light each day. With Dorm GrowLED grow lights;the plant gets the right light for the right time every day.

Temperature Control

As a warm season crop, tomatoes require 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. Since most artificial grow lights such as HPS operate at a much higher temperature of 95 degrees, they damage the integral enzymes of the plant that are required to achieve optimal yield.LED grow lights, however are able to maintain that temperature without damaging the cellular integrity of the plant. They operate at a much friendlier temperature for the tomato plant (72 to 75 degrees), so it is possible to place the plant closer to the light source as well. This allows greater penetration of light into the canopy and in turn enhances the quantity and quality of the yield.

Using the Right LED Grow lights

There are many types of LED Grow lights out there so you must be mindful of the one you choose. In 2018, G8 LED grow lights have had the most success in producing the maximum amount of yield in indoor plants. This is because of the innovative technology used in the G8 LED grow light system that provides optimal wavelengths for your plant yield. High quality LED grow lights provide 900-Watt power full spectrum to 90Watt Flower booster kits. However, for growing tomatoes indoors it is prudent to use lights ranging from 400 Watts to 900 Watts in power.

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