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How to Stay Sane En Route to Your New Home

You and your spouse are standing on your front lawn locked arm in arm and looking at your house before you bid your home good-bye. The movers have left, the final cleaning is done, and your real estate agent is on her way over to pick up the keys.

You want to linger a bit longer, not so much to ruminate the many memories you have, but to avoid the inevitable, at least just for a while longer. Very soon, you’ll be taking a long journey in your car with your children — and with hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles of stark roadways separating your current and future home. Here’s how to stay sane en route to your new home.

New Home

Pack toys and other distractions. Children, regardless of their age, will get antsy as you make your move to your new home. It may take you many days to get there and you don’t want everyone going crazy or getting on your nerves along the way. Here, you need to help your children assemble the toys and other distractions they’ll need to keep them occupied along the way. Hand a tote bag to each child and tell them to put in their favorite toys, games, books and what not. Check each tote to ensure that Jimmy and Jenny have enough things on hand to keep them busy.

Bring snacks and drinks with you. Between meals and while you’re slogging on the long road to elsewhere, your children will get hungry and begin to air their dissatisfaction. A good rule of thumb for multi-day journeys is to stop every two to three hours, letting people stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and unwind. These breaks are also a good time to provide your children with healthy snacks, what you prepared before you left your home. Avoid the sweet, salty and fatty snacks of the vending machines, providing fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables for your children. Water is the best drink all around, useful for quenching their thirst and keeping them satisfied. You can provide snacks in the car en route or stop at a rest area and supply them at a picnic table.

Visit attractions along the way. If your goods are en route to your new home, but may take a week or so to get there, you may not be in any hurry to arrive at your new destination. If that’s the case, then you should consider what attractions are along the way. These can include a state park, a theme park, a historical residence, a city, or anything else of interest. Allow time to enjoy a few diversions and your family will find the trip more rewarding than dreadful. You’ll also be glad that you took the time to show them the sights.

Videos and music, oh my! Families with an SUV or a minivan have a treat at their disposal, namely an kick butt audio system or a Blu-Ray disc entertainment system. Both can serve as a useful entertainment option for your family as you make your way to your new home. If your vehicle doesn’t have such features, you can buy a portable DVD player and watch films along the way. Book reading is another option, but not for the child prone to motion sickness.

We’ve Arrived!

When you arrive at your destination, confirm with the moving company when the truck will arrive advises the North American Moving Company. If you still have a few days remaining, you can always get the keys to your new home, clean it and camp out. On the other hand, staying in a hotel for a few nights will allow you to relax, enjoy the pool and scout out your new city until the movers arrive.


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