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How to Get Rid Of the Unpleasant Smell of Wet Towels?

There are so many small but irritating problems that we experience every day. One of them is the wet towels in the bathroom. It often happens that moisture is drawn into the towels and it almost to use that towel. There is no need to throw them, stinking towels can again become fragrant but first call Soloar Brokers.

Wet Towels

You agree that the sense of wiping the face in the morning with a towel that smells of mold and moisture can never be pleasant? You feel that you need to wash your face again because you feel dirty. Yet there is a solution to refresh them and to make them smell like new.

Check the washing machine

when you remove clothes from the washing machines leave the door open for some time. It is desirable rubber door to pick up excess moisture and water from the rubber on the door, with a damp cloth dipped in warm water to which you put a little dishwashing detergent.

And the machine itself can absorb this unpleasant smell that comes out of your towels. This especially happens with those machines that have a door on the front. To clean the machine, turn it on when it is empty and run an empty circle. Set it on the highest temperature and pour two cups of vinegar.

Taking care of towels

Make sure that your towels do not stay wet for too long. Dry them immediately. If they are placed in dark places with no air circulation without sunlight is sure that the smell of mold could quickly emerge. The same applies if you leave it for too long in the washing machine after it has finished the cycle, but make sure you do not turn on the dryer right away. Although it may not seem necessary, towels should be ironed.

Vinegar and soda

Is there something that these two ingredients cannot do? When it comes to smelly towels try with vinegar. Put the towels into the washing machine, and add a single cup of vinegar. Vinegar will kill the bacteria in the towels. When the machine has finished the cycle, make sure you immediately put laundry detergent and fabric softener, if using. Wash them this time without inserting other pieces of clothing or towels.

Towels can be washed in two cycles. In the first cycle (at the highest temperature) wash towels only with a quarter cup of baking soda (inserted into the powder compartment). When the cycle is completed, wash the towels again, but instead of soda this time pour the only full cup of vinegar.

Avoid using fabric softener. Your towels will be softer if you use vinegar. Just make sure you clean your towels regularly and you will avoid the unpleasant smell. But if you keep them wet for a longer period of time, it will be a real challenge to get rid of the smell.

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