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House Cleaning Service In Chicago

Every person is too busy to take time and clean their house. After getting back from work ,there will be hardly any time for one to start cleaning their homes and its difficult to spend time on weekends as they will be busy spending time with their loved ones. The best solution to get the house cleaned in Chicago is to hire the house cleaning services. The services providers sent maids for cleaning the house and they make it sparkling and spot less and would let you relax. The Hour Maid service can be hired according to your comfort and timing and the maids are flexible.

House Cleaning Service In Chicago

Different cleaning services are provided

The service providers in Chicago come with deep and regular cleaning. In deep cleaning and regular cleaning there will be same in most cases they have the same check list. Deep cleaning is needed when the home is not maintained and cleaned by the professionals for more then 30days. As this requires more time it is called deep cleaning and this requires more attention. If the person did not select this service before hiring, they can add it once the maids have arrived. If the cleaning is after renovation, the charges will be hourly based. The areas which can be included for cleaning are bedrooms, living and common areas. They clean cobwebs, fans, windows, light switches and they do dusting of the house. When coming to kitchen, the stove top as well as the fan will be cleaned and the microwave shall be cleaned inside carefully and the counters are also cleaned. Sinks, cabinets and the appliances will also be cleaned. The maids can also be asked to clean the bathrooms, cabinets in bathrooms, sinks, mirrors and the showers and tubs. Many services like wiping the window blinds, organising the things, cleaning the dishes, organising and cleaning the cabinets inside is done upon request.

House Cleaning Service In Chicago2

Few services are not provided

The Hour Maid home cleaning service providers will not offer cleaning of the chandeliers, the light bulbs will not be wiped with wet cloth and bio-hazards will not be cleaned. The maids will not clean the hoardings, wastes of animals, insects, scrubbing of the walls and they do not clean carpets. The maids will not clean areas which are at height and they do not wash the exterior windows. The service provides ensure to send the maids as per the convenience of the customers and they are flexible to come and clean once a week of bi-monthly or monthly. These maids are professionals and are trained to handle everything with care, so they do not damage anything in the house. The companies verify the background and ensure that their maids are trust worthy and these maids are bonded. They do not ask for any equipment and everything needed for cleaning will be provided by the cleaning service company. Hiring maids for cleaning house makes things easy and hassle free. So, what are you still waiting for? Seek professional help now to get started.