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Efficiently Using Your Space with Over Bonnet Storage

Because of the rapidly increasing growth of population, instead of building houses, people are now used to live in apartments. We don’t really have problems living in apartments, except for the very limited storage space.

Smart Storage Solution Australia can provide you with a perfect solution to the storage problem in your apartment buildings. Without wasting any of your precious parking space, they can make a storage space by using the free space right above the bonnet of your car. They also offer Office Storage & Filing For Rent.

Over Bonnet Storage

What is Over Bonnet Storage

Not many of us knew that the space over the bonnet of our car can still be used as a storage space. The space that we usually take for granted can be of use to us. Over bonnet storage, is literally a storage over the bonnet of your car. It is a built-in storage usually made from solid steel.

Smart Storage Solution Australiacan ensure that their over bonnet storage that sit free standing at the head of the car bay is very safe; and that it can maximize the use of space in your house or apartment. It can store possibly all of your household and recreational equipment, the likes of: tools, camping gear, and sporting equipment (bikes, surfboards, and golf clubs Below is a list of their over car bonnet storage features:

  • Solid, all steel construction
  • Storage capacity of up to 2.6 cubic meters
  • Ventilated roof and fire safety material fits building and council planning codes
  • Stabilus Gas struts for easy opening and closing
  • Secure Lenlok 3-way locking system
  • Height adjustable legs for most 4WD
  • Fully Powder-Coated Finish Compliant with fire safety standards
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sits free-standing on your car space floor
  • Free installation

Office Storage & Filing For Rent, on the other hand, is something that is not given much attention to. Since most of the modern offices now provide storage and filing cabinet for their use. But if you are still using the old fashioned, five-tiered metal filing cabinet, It is a worth of your time to consider this service. Putting a useful and a practical filing cabinet that will not take so much space no matter what the size of your office is, is not a problem.

Benefits of Over Bonnet Storage

Over Bonnet Storage is a very clever storage solution. And because it is starting to gain popularity amongst thestarting and existing multi-dweller residences, the demand for it obviously gets high as well. From property developers, builders, construction companies, to architects.

Getting an over bonnet storage installed in the comfort of your home will give you these benefits:

  • It’s convenient and easy to use.
  • It maximizes the use of space.
  • It will provide the tenants with a secure storage solution.
  • It will give a consistent and clean view of your garage.

So, do you have any problem with your storage space? Then try Smart Storage Solution Australia now.

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