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Correct And Thorough Dust Suction: Instructions And Tips

There are many things in life that are much more fun than cleaning but those who live in a clean household and want to enjoy a feeling of well-being will not miss the regular cleaning work. Dust suction is one of the most important cleaning tasks so that the floor, as well as upholstery furniture, is always beautifully clean. But how should one proceed best when vacuuming? Is there a specific strategy for effective dust suction? Our guide explains.

Instructions And Tips 2

Proper and thorough sucking: That’s how it’s done

Dust-suction-carpet a nearly every household will find a vacuum cleaner. No wonder, after all, the small, diligent plumbers are indispensable in the regular fight against dust, crumbs, animal hair and Co. and eliminate dirt easier and better than a broom but how to suck properly?

So that the house or apartment is clean and you do not have to panic fall, if suddenly unannounced visit is at the door, you should already every two or three days to the vacuum cleaner, as daily new dust and new crumbs on the carpet, flow, Parquet or laminate. The frequency also depends on the number of people who live under one roof.

Instructions And Tips

  • Before you start dusting, you should make room. Chairs, vases, plants, decorations, etc., or alternatively bring them into another room. This ensures that all corners are also vacuumed.
  • Which room is first sucked, of course, is left to everyone. But regardless of whether kitchen, dining, sleeping, children’s or living room should always start in the corner, the furthest away from the door and then “look” towards the door.
  • Each place should be vacuumed two or three times, so the floor is guaranteed to be clean and free from dust and dirt. Shark Rocket Complete HV 380 is the modern vacuum cleaner.
  • When vacuuming the corners, you should remove the nozzle attachment from the vacuum cleaner tube as you can clean the corners, joints, and edges with the pipe. If you want to make it right, you should use the crevice nozzle for the corners, which thanks to its slim design with flattened tip is perfect for this application area and belongs to the standard equipment of every vacuum cleaner.
  • If hard floors such as laminate or tiles are being sucked, make sure that the brush ring of the universal nozzle is extended. This ensures that there are no scratches on the ground, which can quickly be caused by pebbles or sand grains. Here are some tips for dust suction on parquet/laminate.
  • The upholstery furniture should also be vacuumed regularly, with a time interval of one to two weeks recommended. After all, there is also a lot of dust, hair, carcass, and so on. Shark Rocket Complete HV380 is the complete cleaning system. For sucking the furniture, you should use a special upholstery pad, which is also often included in the scope of supply. Be sure to also suck in the crevices and slots. If the pads are not tightly sewn, remove them best and once thoroughly vacuum the couch and upholstery.

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