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Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

If you’ve ever tried to clean the stairs using a standard traditional vacuum cleaner, then you know the amount of difficulties that you would face to get access to every corner of the stair by dragging the heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the staircase. No matter if you have carpeted stairs or normal stairs the level of difficulty doesn’t change.

This is why it’s important for you to choose a vacuum that can not only help you clean the rooms but also can help you clean the stairs. There are large varieties of vacuum cleaners available in the market now which could get the people confused on what to buy. This guide will help you find the best solution for cleaning your stairs so that you can keep your home cleaner without needing to put much effort into it.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

What are the factors that make a vacuum good choice for cleaning the stairs?

There are many factors that make a vacuum cleaner good for cleaning the stairs. If you’re getting a new vacuum cleaner then you should look for one which is portable and that can be maneuvered precisely and easily. Generally, it is seen that most of the vacuum cleaner buyers overlook this important factor, which is why they end up struggling while cleaning the stairs.

While buying a vacuum cleaner to use on the stairs you must make sure that the device is light in weight. If you already own an upright vacuum cleaner and are happy with its performance then you needn’t worry since you can easily buy one best handheld vacuum for stairs, instead of investing in a whole new machine that could clean your home. These handheld vacuums are light and can be carried everywhere without any hassles.

However, if you’re looking for a traditional vacuum cleaner, you can find various several lightweight options that come with removable canisters that can make your stair cleaning experience hassle-free. It’s recommended that you check various brands of these lightweight traditional vacuums before selecting one.

The features of ideal vacuum cleaners for stairs

If you want ahandheld or traditional upright vacuum then some of the features that you should look in them are they should be portable, have portable canisters, have longer cords or no cords at all, and should have plenty of attachments that could enable you to reach each and every corner of the stairs and even tight places in your home.

Cranny tools and brushes used for deep cleaning are other important features that you’llneed to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner. Remember the more attachments your vacuum cleaner has, the better off you’ll be cleaning your stairs. You can also opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean your stairs. These vacuum cleaners are rechargeable and handheld vacuums that come with lithium ion batteries.

These are very light, portable, and you needn’t worry about the cords and the length of the cords. However, before buying the best handheld vacuum for stairs which is cordless, you must make sure that it provides optimum battery life which could be enough for you to clean the whole stairs.

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