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Benefits of Vinyl Flooring at Home

It is easy to see why vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many households when choosing flooring for their homes. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, is durable and designed to withstand the footfall of a busy modern home. Available in a range of designs and styles to give a natural look to any room the rolls or click system of panels makes them quick and easy to install. Luxury vinyl tiling or LVT flooring is a more recent advancement on standard vinyl flooring, and while more expensive than the standard version it offers an even more realistic likeness to the natural product.

Vinyl Flooring for a Realistic Look

One of the main advantages of vinyl flooring is it allows for flooring which closely resembles a natural product such as wood but at a more affordable price. The availability of patterns and textures on offer to the consumer today provides for the creation of the ideal flooring for a room or space which a home-owner may have thought was beyond their budget. From wood, stone and tiles, vinyl flooring provides a realistic alternative which is warmer and softer on your feet then traditional wooden or stone flooring.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Vinyl flooring installed to high standards and maintained properly can have a lifespan of up to twenty years. A major benefit is it is easy to maintain, not requiring any specialist intervention once installed. Vinyl flooring can easily be mopped or swept to keep it clean, just needing to make sure to remove dirt and grit regularly in order to reduce the chance of scratches to the surface. The easy cleaning options mean the flooring is suitable for all rooms and is also a better solution in countering allergies since it does not contain the fibres of a carpet which can trap allergens. A properly fitted vinyl floor is close to being completely impervious to water, making it a good flooring type for bathrooms and kitchens.

Further Advantages in Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

100% waterproof LVT flooring simulates the natural look of wood or stone flooring to an incredibly high degree. Introduced to the market in 2006 it offers almost limitless customisation, using a printed décor between layers of vinyl. The top layer of the vinyl is scratch resistant making it a very durable option for the modern home. From a wood plank effect to ceramic tiling, different sizes, styles and colours can be used to mimic the natural product but at less expense. Suitable for under floor heating it is as easy to maintain as standard vinyl flooring and is capable of withstanding high moisture levels, making it less likely to warp. This style of flooring has safety benefits too for the family as it is slip resistant.

With suitable options for different design tastes and different budgets, vinyl flooring offers an affordable and practical solution for all rooms.

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