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A Step by Step Guide to Office Fit Outs and Refurbishments

The key to successful Office Fitouts& Renovations is in the planning. In this article, we have put together a step by step guide so that you can achieve a stress-free office fitout experience. A successful office fitout can be accomplished when all the steps are done in the right order and on time.

Office Fit Outs and Refurbishments

Step 1:


Before starting any renovation, always ask yourself, “Do I need to move?” If you are not sure about this question, then see if you can get a better deal from your current location. The building owner may be willing to offer incentives like office fit outs or renovations for you to stay. You can contact office fit out companies Melbourne for more information on fit outs.

Step 2:

Assemble a team:

The next step is to get a relocation or Fitout team together. Regardless of whether you stay or go, you will need to have people on your side who are creative, good with numbers and good with making decisions. Write down your needs as a company whenever you are operating from a new site. This will help the fit-out team tailor to your needs.

Step 3:

Select a location:

If you plan to move, then you must shortlist the area you would operate the best from.

Step 4:

Establish the measurements:

It would help if you settled on the area you would need. It may range from 60m2 to 18m2 per person. Forecast your spatial requirements for the duration of your lease because if you get this wrong, then you are stuck with the consequences.

Step 5:

Property Search:

Always communicate with your real estate agents, also get your team to do their research; it is essential that you know the value of the property and if the area that you are after is available.

Step 6:

Legal work:

Keep your legal team in the loop at all times. This is when you start comparing leases and also start with the negotiating process. Always have the legal team look over the terms and conditions of your old contract before you move out.

Step 7:

Engage the interior designer:

When you hire interior designers to make sure that they supply you with spatial concept plans for the sites that you have shortlisted. These plans serve as a blueprint to show how you will fit into your office space.

Step 8:

Negotiate Rent Incentives:

It is important what you want to be included in your rental lease, like rent-free periods and payments for your fitout renovation.

Step 9:

Finalize Design:

Meet with your team and finalize the design, scope and select the finishes.

Step 10:

Authority Approvals:

If required, then deliver your final plans to the higher authority for approval.

Step 11:

Service Agreement part 1:

Get your team to contact the relevant departments like electricity and phone service provider. Once the address is set up, then you can organize your PO Box.

Step 12:

In this step, you will have to tie up all the loose ends before your company is ready for business. This includes finalizing a quote for fit outs, awarding the fit-out contract, creating a dilapidation report, getting another round of service agreement, updating your internal documents, re-keying all the locks, and finally keeping up to date with your new renovations. For more information, you can always visit office fit out companies Melbourne.

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