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11 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas

Instead of envying your friend’s kitchen, make yours the admirable kitchen everyone drools over. Here are some ideas:

  1. Stacking

You can stack snacks and treats on a tiered basket. Being in a tier, they save space and also make it easy for you to access different items, snacks, and treats.  You can also classify the snacks.

  1. Do you use risers?

Even when you have a kitchen with the biggest number of storage cabinets, they will never be enough. At the same time, there could be space on the upper part of the cabinet. Instead of wasting that space, you should consider using savvy risers to store containers, food dishes, and bakeware.

Kitchen Organization Ideas

You can also have your kitchen drawers fitted with layers shelves and built-in silverware trays.

  1. Use wicker baskets

Successful individuals like Vancouver Brain Injury Lawyers are good at organizing everything. For this, they use all available resources, and wicker baskets are some of the best organizers in their homes. You can save on your space by using wicker baskets to keep towels or groceries.

  1. Smart use of drawers

To utilize all the space in your drawers and to simplify the organization of utensils post cleaning, you should get adjustable drawers with dividers. The good thing is that you can get these drawers custom-made to fit the space in your cabinets

  1. Organize utensils by their use

The simplest kitchen organization hack involves placing together utensils that perform the same task. This way, you will stop burning butter spatulas in hot stoves, and you’ll also get all your missing tongs in seconds. So, go to the kitchen and separate your whisks from the tongs and spatulas. You can label the containers if you need to.  You should also place measuring utensils in one part of the kitchen for order.

  1. Pull-out Pantry

To store the small items that cannot fit the pantry of the items you need quick access to, you should get a pull-out pantry. It takes little space, and it will never feel like an inconvenience.

  1. Label your frozen food

You know how it is hard to know what you had in storage once you keep them there and you end up playing the guessing game? Well, you can avoid that by labeling everything going in the freezer. Just make sure you label everything outwards.

  1. Use a Shower Caddy

Though we are used to keeping shower caddies in the bathroom, they are just as functional in the kitchen, and they will go a long way in keeping the kitchen neat. Just look for a high-quality hook to hold the weight of the items in the caddy. Those command hooks can also work on their holding colanders, pots, and pans.

You thought right, a towel holder is just as effective and you will need it to hold your pans and pots.

  1. Add shelves in awkward spaces

We always have space we can’t figure out what to use them for. Instead of leaving it bare, you should consider putting up fitting shelves. You should also take advantage of wasted side spaces.

  1. How about a shoe organizer?

That shoe organizer you bought but aren’t unsure of its purpose is all you need to safely and neatly organize your spices or snacks and recipe books.

  1. Hide large appliances

Large appliances often clutter kitchen spaces and we all know that you don’t need that.  So, for those heavy duty appliances, you can hide them behind appliance garage doors.

Finally, get pretty containers, place pans and pots on walls, and utilize the doors.

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